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Hamachi Networks Playing Command and Conquer Generals

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Name Password Game Country Date Online
[Join]killdowerdower1Command and Conquer GeneralsIndonesiaMay 188 / 286
[Join]wajanbolic0541Command and Conquer GeneralsIndonesiaApr 12FULL
[Join]Generals Renegade ClanNO PASSWORD - Approvement required.Command and Conquer GeneralsUnited StatesAug 04MANUAL
[Join]RenegadeGenerals 1.8NO PASSWORDCommand and Conquer GeneralsUnited StatesAug 04FULL
[Join]CNCGen1NO PASSWORDCommand and Conquer GeneralsUnited StatesAug 04FULL
[Join]letshavefun123Command and Conquer GeneralsAustraliaJun 01FULL
[Join]hekmat123123456Command and Conquer GeneralsJordanMar 10FULL
[Join]generals-uae1Command and Conquer GeneralsUnited Arab EmiratesFeb 22FULL
[Join]*ucker*123Command and Conquer GeneralsU Nations Neutral ZoneNov 16FULL
[Join]zerohourukzhukCommand and Conquer GeneralsUnited KingdomSep 12FULL
[Join]generals_zero hour123123Command and Conquer GeneralsBrazilSep 07FULL
[Join]generals 1.7123Command and Conquer GeneralsAustraliaAug 22FULL
[Join]general-israel123Command and Conquer GeneralsIsraelMar 05FULL
[Join]ZH4NEW123Command and Conquer GeneralsUnited StatesJan 27FULL
[Join]uWsuWsuwsuwsCommand and Conquer GeneralsCanadaDec 16FULL
[Join]zerohour123Command and Conquer GeneralsBrazilApr 06Pending
[Join]Zero Hour Romania1234Command and Conquer GeneralsRomaniaMar 05Pending
[Join]shrb6i1234567aCommand and Conquer GeneralsKuwaitFeb 10Pending
[Join]nizarnizarCommand and Conquer GeneralsTunisiaJan 02Pending
[Join]iraq 2003123Command and Conquer GeneralsIraqDec 24Pending
[Join]zero-hora-betto123Command and Conquer GeneralsBrazilDec 23Pending
[Join]pharahos123Command and Conquer GeneralsEgyptDec 01Pending
[Join]command and conquer zero hour3123Command and Conquer GeneralsUnited KingdomSep 29Pending
[Join]abodi999 genral zero123Command and Conquer GeneralsSaudi ArabiaSep 20Pending
[Join]generals zero hour the rise to power mod only!12345Command and Conquer GeneralsSwedenSep 18Pending
[Join]command-and-conquer-1234123Command and Conquer GeneralsIsraelAug 22Pending
[Join]gujjar.vs.jutt123456Command and Conquer GeneralsPakistanAug 14Pending
[Join]zerohourlaststand05readyCommand and Conquer GeneralsIndonesiaJul 29Pending
[Join]generals9292123Command and Conquer GeneralsTurkiyeJul 06Pending
[Join]detroix2004123Command and Conquer GeneralsTurkiyeJul 06Pending
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